Bikes Top Speed in Malaysia

Motorcycles Top Speed Information

Yamaha Lagenda 115z=110km/h
Yamaha 125z=160km/h
Yamaha SS110= 135km/h 
Honda Wave 125S & Wave 125R = 130km/h
Honda Wave 125x & Ultimo= 110km/h
Suzuki Smash V115= 125km/h
Suzuki Shogun 125RR =125km/h
Modenas Kriss 110= 120km/h
Modenas Kriss 120cc=125km/h
Modenas GT128=145km/h
Honda EX5 Dream = 110km/h
Honda EX5 High Power (Japan)=125km/h
Honda C70=90km/h
Yamaha RX-Z=165km/h
Modenas Jaguh 175=140km/h
Suzuki Best 110 =130km/h
Suzuki RGV 120=145km/h
Yamaha SS Two 110= 150km/h
Yamaha 135LC (old)= 140km/h
2011 Yamaha 135LC SS= 145km/h
2011 Yamaha 135LC 5-speed = 155km/h
wave 100r= 110km/h

All data here provided by Pakar Bius

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8 Replies to “Bikes Top Speed in Malaysia”

  1. belang R top dia dlm 146-150kmh…tapi meter dia accurate sikit
    lc 140 belang dlm 100kmh cam tu la..
    moto lagenda 110(burung hantu aku)120kmh stendent

  2. Are the data taken from speedometer which is equipped with the bike or externel speedometer (such as GPS) is used? Coz, speedometer Yamaha is so ‘RINGAN’… BTW, hope that he will include Suzuki Belang 150r top speed in the list.. 🙂

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