Yamaha RX-Z Standard Look with Racing Spec Modification

Yamaha RX-Z Racing Modification with Standard Look
(Standard Modified?)

This RX-Z belongs to my mechanics who are now busy restoring the Yamaha 125Z that I have bought earlier last month. This bike is not for everyday use and used only on track. If you see this bike anywhere, beware as this bike can go 180km/h at 4th gear. You can imagine the rest. I’m against racing illegally on the public road. Please be careful and race on track only. Remember your loved ones.

Modification data:
CDI Race Spec Racing Bee
Stock ignition coil 1st model
Sprocket 16-35T
2.25 17″ front, 2.50 17″ rear tyre
Stock gear, previously fitted with racing gearbox but not good for sprint
Racing Bee racing clutch with stock clutch spring
Yamaha RX-K 1.25 piston with Racing Bee conrod
Top speed: >200km/h, maybe 240km/h as the meter can’t read after 180km/h.
Note: Race on track and NEVER on public road!

All the pictures here is high resolution, so, click to enlarge!

FAG C3 Engine Bearing

Keihin PWK 36mm

Original block has been rebored to 1.25

Original Yamaha RX-Z 5-speed Speedometer for accurate speed reading
Worth mentioning: This signal is even original Yamaha RX-Z 5-speed by Imasen

Original single-piston caliper with the original disc plate

Alloy rims by COM*

YYPang RX-Z HR Racing Exhaust Pipe

Y-1: The original block for 5-speed RX-Z

The right side view of the Keihin PWK 36mm


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