Modified Yamaha RX-Z Motocross Style


Ady Sevens shared the link about this Yamaha RX-Z modified to motocross style as seen on This kind of mod is very unusual since most RX-Z are modded lightly just to make it street legal but powerful and fast. This one in motocross style are equipped with monoshock rear suspension and the exposed front suspension that it makes it looks very different. We can only see the RX-Z design cues from the unmistaken look of the fuel tank. Good mod bro!

Thanks to Ady Sevens for sharing.


1980s Yamaha SR-Z 150 – the 4-stroke RX-Z

I love this SRZ 150. It have the same styling like the legendary Yamaha RX-Z 135 which has been a rider ‘super’bike for a very long time. This on, SRZ150, features an engine with 4-stroke 150cc displacement and single cylinder. It still looks good event though it is just a 4-stroker.

It can be a great addition to many of current RX-Z rider, the problem is whether we can find this in Malaysia?  Continue reading “1980s Yamaha SR-Z 150 – the 4-stroke RX-Z”

Kayaba Batik Colour Shock Absorber PDF from KYB

Kayaba Batik Colour Shock Absorber

Nice colour and currently popular in Malaysia. Used mostly by Yamaha RX-Z and Honda EX-5 rider. Quality from Kayaba is always good and provides great ride for an affordable price.

The PDF can be downloaded after the jump  Continue reading “Kayaba Batik Colour Shock Absorber PDF from KYB”

Yamaha RX-Z: End of Production, Beginning of A Legend


Yamaha RX-Z is one of the most popular bike in Malaysia. It represent the perfect bike for anyone who like to have power, speed, style and freedom in the world of biking. Yamaha RX-Z have all the formula for an exciting biking experience and the same time maintains the price to be affordable for almost everyone. At RM8500, it is considered accessible to all rider with the availability of loan by the bike shop or by Aeon Credit Service. Even though it is accessible, the rider must at least have a job, I say this because many rider like to own this bike, but they are still studying and of course, have no money to plonk for Yamaha RX-Z yet. So, they are thinking to buy this bike when they finish their study and have a job. I know this because I’m one of them. Now, the production of Yamaha RX-Z has already stopped, it leave us with only the secondhand Yamaha RX-Z to grab. Slowly, I can see Yamaha RX-Z price increased whether for new one that might still available in very limited unit and also for the secondhand one that are available at shops and Continue reading “Yamaha RX-Z: End of Production, Beginning of A Legend”

Yamaha RX-Z 6-speed Green Black Sticker

This is the same decals sticker that I have installed to my 1997 6-speed RX-Z. Looks normal. Not so mean and not so soft. Just perfect.

I don’t know this sticker is originally for RX-Z in what year. So, I hope you can help by giving comment if you know.

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Original NGK B8ES Spark Plug for Yamaha RX-Z by Yamaha

NGK B8ES Yamaha RX-Z 5BU / 5XK (Part No. 947202-00811)

I saw this spark plug on display at GTMax Motor at Shah Alam with the great red packaging that is unusual compared to the yellow box normal NGK spark plug packaging.

This NGK Yamaha spark plug is much more expensive compared to the normal NGK spark plug. This one cost at MYR8, whereby the normal NGK B8ES is just at MYR5. The red packaging really attracts my attention here and with the parts number that relates to the RX-Z model of 5BU and 5XK, I really think that I have bought a correct spark plug for my Yamaha RX-Z.

When you ask to get a spark plug for your RX-Z, the shopkeeper usually handed you the BP8ES, which can also be used . But sometime, you might also get BP7ES or even BP9ES. The different number on the spark plug relates to the heat transfer of the spark plug to minimize the carbon deposit that usually stuck at the spark arcing area of the spark plug. I have wrote a little bit about NGK Spark Plug Reference Model for Yamaha.

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April 2010 Yamaha Motorcycle Price List in Selangor, Malaysia

Yamaha 50 Years
Yamaha 50 Years

Yamaha motorcycle price on the road (comprehensive insurance, road tax, registration etc).

Yamaha Lagenda 110Z (Kick) RM5103.60

Yamaha Lagenda 110Z (E) RM5420.68

Yamaha Lagenda 110ZR (E, S/rims) RM5737.75

Yamaha 135LC RM6911.50 Continue reading “April 2010 Yamaha Motorcycle Price List in Selangor, Malaysia”