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Yamaha RX-Z 6-speed Green Black Sticker

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

This is the same decals sticker that I have installed to my 1997 6-speed RX-Z. Looks normal. Not so mean and not so soft. Just perfect.

I don’t know this sticker is originally for RX-Z in what year. So, I hope you can help by giving comment if you know.

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Original NGK B8ES Spark Plug for Yamaha RX-Z by Yamaha

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

NGK B8ES Yamaha RX-Z 5BU / 5XK (Part No. 947202-00811)

I saw this spark plug on display at GTMax Motor at Shah Alam with the great red packaging that is unusual compared to the yellow box normal NGK spark plug packaging.

This NGK Yamaha spark plug is much more expensive compared to the normal NGK spark plug. This one cost at MYR8, whereby the normal NGK B8ES is just at MYR5. The red packaging really attracts my attention here and with the parts number that relates to the RX-Z model of 5BU and 5XK, I really think that I have bought a correct spark plug for my Yamaha RX-Z.

When you ask to get a spark plug for your RX-Z, the shopkeeper usually handed you the BP8ES, which can also be used . But sometime, you might also get BP7ES or even BP9ES. The different number on the spark plug relates to the heat transfer of the spark plug to minimize the carbon deposit that usually stuck at the spark arcing area of the spark plug. I have wrote a little bit about NGK Spark Plug Reference Model for Yamaha.

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Kayaba Laser White Web Rear Absorber for Honda EX5 / Yamaha RX-Z

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Kayaba Laser White Web Rear Absorber for Honda EX5 / Yamaha RX-Z

I got a bike a secondhand Honda EX5 that is fitted with Modenas Kriss rear absorber which look very out of proportion when I got the bike from the shop. I need to change the rear absorber and thinking whether to fit it with original AAP suspension for EX5 or just fit it with Kayaba. I choose Kayaba.

This suspension with this colour also known as Kayaba ‘batik’ here in Malaysia. It is because the decoration on the suspension resembles a bit of ‘batik’ cloth painting.

Most of Yamaha and Modenas bikes use Kayaba as their original suspension supplier. I just want to try this Kayaba on the EX5.

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Showa Denso High Tension Ignition Coil for Yamaha RX-Z, Y125Z & 135LC

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Showa Denso Ignition Coil for Y125Z, RX-Z and 135LC

Great spark will be produced when using this Showa Denso high tension ignition coil.

Ignition coil is actually universal uses, means that you can also use this ignition coil even if your bike is Honda Wave 100. I have seen in my hometown in Kelantan, a Honda C70 uses an ignition coil which is sourced from Perodua Kancil (a car, if you guys out there don’t know). The owner of the bike show me that the ignition produced was powerful when he pulled the spark plug about ONE feet away from the engine, but the spark can still ‘sparked’. He said that this kind of high spark power can deteriorate your piston quickly, as the spark can make a hole in the piston.

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Faito Extreme Race and Street Sport Brake Pad

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Faito Extreme Race and Street Sport Brake Pad

Faito is one of the great company that caters a lot for underbone and moped riders in Malaysia. It is almost every week that they update their item on their inventory.

Now they have introduced the brake pad for better performance that is Faito Extreme Race racing brake pad and Faito Street Sport brake pad. I haven’t yet tried this item, but will be soon.

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