2013 Yamaha Nouvo LC livery update


Yamaha has silently updating their popular 135cc automatic bike, Nouvo LC with new livery. It comes in white blue, white red and red black colour choices. The one in blue is quite different that the blue that we always see in Race-blu since this one is in lighter shade of blue. Anyway,  it is still a great colour for livery scheme from Yamaha as always.

2012 new Yamaha for Vietnam? Nouvo LX YMJET-FI?

Yamaha Vietnam has released a teaser of an upcoming bike for the 2012 in their website. The headlamp looks like the Nouvo LX FI that we have seen the spyshot previously here. This bike is going to feature a new FI system called YMJET-FI which stands for Yamaha Mixture Jet-fuel Injection. This new type of FI are said to be more fuel-efficient than normal FI system. The advantage of FI system is fuel efficiency but YMJET-FI takes it a step further. We need to wait for the full unveiling for more information about it.  Continue reading “2012 new Yamaha for Vietnam? Nouvo LX YMJET-FI?”