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2013 Yamaha Nouvo LC livery update

Sunday, March 10th, 2013


Yamaha has silently updating their popular 135cc automatic bike, Nouvo LC with new livery. It comes in white blue, white red and red black colour choices. The one in blue is quite different that the blue that we always see in Race-blu since this one is in lighter shade of blue. Anyway,  it is still a great colour for livery scheme from Yamaha as always.

2012 Yamaha TTX 115i and Nouvo SX125 Launched in Thailand – Supermoto Scooter

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Yamaha Thailand has officially launched the much awaited TTX 115i which have the styling of a supermoto. The design has a lot of edgy lines that adds cyber looks and big headlamp on the front fairing that looks masculine enough. I personally like this TTX 115i very much and willing to plonk money on it if it is arrived in Malaysia. It got fuel injection system named YM-Jet. FI system can adds fuel efficiency to the bike and this mean lower CO2 and waste fuel since the FI system metering is accurately measured to the combustion chamber.  (more…)

New Yamaha Nouvo LX FI in Vietnam?

Monday, December 5th, 2011

I got just a read from tmcblog about this new FI Yamaha Nouvo LX in Vietnam. It seem that this is a very new bike or it is a spy shot since there are no information about it on Yamaha Vietnam website. This is what I love about Japanese bike manufacturers. Even though they manage to sell a lot of their products, they still have the passion to upgrade it to better version or even just introduce a small facelift to their popular products. This new Yamaha Nouvo LX a.k.a Nouvo LC in Malaysia has shown that you can make good thing to become better. I love how the meter cluster looks in this new Nouvo LX. It looks much more superbike meter cluster that usually have the RPM meter and digital speedometer display (but I’m not sure whether that is RPM meter on the Nouvo LX).  (more…)

2010 Yamaha Nouvo LC Gold, Red and White Official Studio Pictures

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

2010 Yamaha Nouvo LC Gold


2010 Yamaha Nouvo LC Red


2010 Yamaha Nouvo LC White

Higher resolution (800px) pictures and original link after the jump   (more…)

2011 Yamaha Nouvo LX 135 Limited Edition in Vietnam

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Yamaha Nouvo LX 135 Limited Edition in Vietnam

Yamaha Nouvo LC got new decals and named Nouvo LX Limited Edition for 2011 version in Vietnam. Yamaha Vietnam knows how to satisfy the riders there and I hope they will always keep up the good work.

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