Why LC135 have only 4-speed gear and 125Z have 6-speed gear?

LC135 is 4-speed and 125Z have 6-speed: Why?

Have you ever wonder about this? Why is it the marvelous and lovable Yamaha LC135 only have 4-speed gear and Yamaha 125Z having additional 2 speed gear? Is Yamaha neglected the important aspect of speeds and thrills? Well, I have been thinking about this for a while and tried to find out why. Here is what I’ve found out… Continue reading “Why LC135 have only 4-speed gear and 125Z have 6-speed gear?”

Yamaha T135 (LC135) Official Page

Yamaha T135 Official Page

I have stumble upon this very informative site about the research, development and roadtest for Yamaha LC135. Yamaha LC135 is actually codenamed T135 that is targeted for Asean market by exhaustive research by the Yamaha engineers.
Yamaha has a very excellent history in developing bike and also very successful in racing whether in MotoGP, motorcross or others.
At this time, there is no other bike that are in the same category as Yamaha LC135 by other manufacturer. This can be deja-vu to reflect to Yamaha RX-Z 135 that is also remain uncontested up to this day.
For more information, surf up to http://www.yamaha-motor.co.jp/global/asean-touring/machine/technology/index.html

Yamaha LC 135 Heavy Modification

Red LC 135

Petronas Green LC 135

Black LC 135 modded to resemble X1R

These pictures are taken from cari.com.my forum. I put it here for all us to share the enjoyment of the modification. The two pictures above is modification from Malaysia, whereby the last one is made from Singapore. You can see the Singapore license plate number on the bike.

Enjoy these pictures and mod your LC too!

Yamaha Sniper (LC135) from Bermuda

Yamaha LC135 or Sniper in Bermuda

Yamaha LC135 is also known as Sniper in certain country such as Bermuda. The bike is not much different with what we have here in Malaysia. The rear brake is drum. The front brake is still one piston caliper even though the bike is equipped with manual clutch [in Malaysia the front brake is two-piston caliper for manual clutch version]. One thing that amazes me is the rims. I wonder what brand and model of rim it is. The exhaust has been already modified to a new one.

Different sticker design for Yamaha LC135

The other differences that we can spot is the design of the sticker, where it is written Sniper on the side fender. This bike belongs to Stephen in Bermuda.

Thanks Stephen for the picture!