2015 KTM RC200 and RC390 are going to be unveiled in Malaysia this 16 September 2014


KTM Malaysia CKD has posted on their FB page that shows that they are going to unveil the KTM RC200 and RC390 this 16 September. It has been unveiled at Modena, Italy last week and the arrival of the RC200 and RC390 to Malaysia is very quick. Price is estimated to be around RM18,000 for the RC200 and RM28,000 for the RC390.

via: KTM Malaysia-CKD FB

KTM RC390 and RC200 coming to Malaysia this October 2014


Just a little bit late than rumored earlier for the launch in Q2 2014, now we are getting closer to see the arrival of the Race Competition series from KTM in October.
As featured in Harian Metro today, Eurotech is predicting to sell about 5,000 units of the bike soon. Based on this number, I can guess that KTM has already studied their competitors and the market in Malaysia and the 5,000 units can mean that this bike going to be competitively priced along with the supersports style Honda CBR250R and Kawasaki Ninja 250SL.
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KTM 200 Duke Radiator Guard – the better guard for your radiator – RM80


Available in Malaysia, you can now fit this standard parts for India’s KTM Duke radiator guard. The material is made from plastic but by the way it looks, it is thick enough and can withstand the weather elements. The price is also affordable at less than RM80. For me, this is a better radiator guard as compared to the ones made by aluminium or even steel since this one doesn’t restrict airflow and the ducts are angled for better air to go through it.    Continue reading “KTM 200 Duke Radiator Guard – the better guard for your radiator – RM80”

2014 KTM RC125, RC200 & RC390 officially unveiled – street legal super sports machine


KTM unveiled its trio of super sport series named RC in EICMA, Italy. The trio are RC125, RC200 and RC390. The subject of this bike is to make it more track friendly and appeal to younger rider that are starting to learn to ride track bikes. Personally, I like the double headlight cluster that is enclosed in elongated frame that looks very different that what we always see. This might be the iconic look for KTM super sports bike for years to come as what BMW have done with the squinty headlight of the S1000RR.

You might already know the nice features of this bike that include steeper steering angle and more forward riding position. The wheelbase are much shorter for that ‘flickability’ manner. It retains the rigid Trellis frame from the Duke base model. Seeing this bike on the road will surely turns some heads around since the style is really noticable and spark a chat between rider and onlookers. Just enjoy the high resolution gallery after the jump and enjoy the sleepless night thinking of this bike:  Continue reading “2014 KTM RC125, RC200 & RC390 officially unveiled – street legal super sports machine”