2014 KTM RC125, RC200 & RC390 officially unveiled – street legal super sports machine



KTM unveiled its trio of super sport series named RC in EICMA, Italy. The trio are RC125, RC200 and RC390. The subject of this bike is to make it more track friendly and appeal to younger rider that are starting to learn to ride track bikes. Personally, I like the double headlight cluster that is enclosed in elongated frame that looks very different that what we always see. This might be the iconic look for KTM super sports bike for years to come as what BMW have done with the squinty headlight of the S1000RR.

You might already know the nice features of this bike that include steeper steering angle and more forward riding position. The wheelbase are much shorter for that ‘flickability’ manner. It retains the rigid Trellis frame from the Duke base model. Seeing this bike on the road will surely turns some heads around since the style is really noticable and spark a chat between rider and onlookers. Just enjoy the high resolution gallery after the jump and enjoy the sleepless night thinking of this bike:  KTM RC125






KTM RC125, RC200 and RC390 with Power Parts installed

Official words from KTM:

After successfully entering the Moto3 World Championship, where KTM won the title in its first year and once again dominated the current season; and after launching the official MY 2014 cup bike for the “ADAC Junior Cup powered by KTM”, it is now only logical for KTM to offer street legal sport bikes that benefit from the track racing experience, taking GP fascination to the streets. 2014 will already see three such KTM models that look as if they had escaped straight from the MotoGP pit lane: the RC 125, RC 200 and RC 390. The prime development directive for the new RC range was to build appealing, top quality sport motorbikes that radiate ample excitement with their racing concept and design, their cutting edge features and their aggressive performance while at the same time distinguishing themselves with the best possible rideability, great reliability, reasonable pricing and easy maintenance. The result: three uncompromising, fully faired racers, each of which is only identifiable as a street-legal bike by its cool dual headlights and rear view mirrors with integral indicators.

With the new RC models, KTM not only launches a new motorcycle concept for young sport riders and the young-at-heart, but also a re-interpretation of what actually constitutes a fully-fledged super sport bike, irrespective of displacement. All three models deliver a superior power-to-weight ratio, peerless agility and extreme banking clearance, and all three are distinguished by top quality high tech components. They are powered by the same highly developed, powerful and reliable DOHC singles as the Duke models 125, 200 and 390. However, similarities end at the frame. Combining precise handling with perfect stability at any speed, the ultra-lightweight geodesic of robot welded steel sections may remind some of the Duke models. However, the extremely rigid trellis frame has a significantly different geometry in order to do justice to the demands on ergonomics and riding dynamics of a true racer. A steeper steering head, less trail and a shorter wheelbase make the RC models even more agile and truly track worthy. Compared to the Duke models, less suspension travel and a more aggressive suspension set-up underscore these virtues. At 43 mm, the amply sized WP Suspension USD front forks have the same tube diameter as those of the KTM Superbike 1190 RC8 R – this is genuine racing equipment, ensuring maximum stability and precision. Developed in cooperation with Brembo, the braking system includes a 300mm front brake disc as well as standard ABS for the RC 125 and RC 390 – an equipment level unparalleled in this segment for maximum safety. Even the tires offer true, full size racing dimensions at 110/70ZR17 front and 150/60ZR17 rear.

The compact, three-chambered silencer of RC 125, 200 and 390 not only makes for some raucous racing sound but is also positioned beneath the engine close to the bike’s centre of gravity. This design trick contributes to centralise the masses, supporting the incomparable agility of the RC models. The racing bodywork, the narrow, flat tank and the clip-ons mounted below the upper triple clamp give the rider full mobility for commited track riding. The fully equipped multi-functional cockpit not only informs about a multitude of parameters, all the way down to average fuel consumption and remaining range, but also supports riders on the hunt for new personal bests with an adjustable shift light. The aerodynamic fairing removes the wind pressure from chest and arms, lowers helmet turbulence in a sporty riding position and ensures maximum top speed. And at the same time, thanks to the inimitable style of designer legend Gerald Kiska and the sporty graphics, the fairing tells everyone at the first glance that the RC 125, 200 and 390 are genuine super sport bikes.


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