2011 Suzuki Smash V115 Sales Manual Brochure

With the launching of new bikes whether it is from Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki or any manufacturers that matters, we, as a bike enthusiasts will try to find as many information as we can related to the newly launched bike. How much power does it has? What is the upgrade from the previous model? What is the design language? What about the valve? What about the bore and stroke? And many more questions that lingers in our head.

I was excited to see this 32 pages of 2011 Suzuki Smash V115 Sales Manual while I was browsing at SCK Motor shop (the real physical shop). Quickly, I asked Sangar whether he has another copy of this sales manual, and there I have it. This sales manual is a very interesting read even if you are not Suzuki fan. I’m delighted to see that there are many information about the newly introduced Suzuki Smash V115 in terms of valve setup, fuel efficiency, design, exhaust setup and many more. It is being compared with the previous model that is the Suzuki Smash Revo 110.

Read on with this 32 pages of high resolution and slow loading images after the jump

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    When I had a close look at one of the Suzuki Smash 110 at Ban Chye motors ,I found that the important component i.e carburettor ,are all original parts.Carburettor is MIKUNI (Japan). Headlight is STANLEY brand,same goes for the indicators.I suppose that the engine parts are also “Made in Japan”.Suzuki Assemblers now is under direct supervision of Suzuki Japan.Meaning that these bikes are of high quality and reliable.In comparison HONDA Ex 5 parts are mostly sourced from Thailand and China.If one intends to use the suzuki bike for a long time, then,you should not worry about the resale value .I have owned SUZUKI bikes like the FR 80, TRS Racer 115cc all using 2-stroke engines and they are all fine machines.The sales of SUZUKI bike were down after the manufacturer switched to 4 stroke engines beginning with SUZUKI GSX-110, FX 110 and so on.Previously SUZUKI was distributed by LION Suzuki Sdn Bhd.The Suzuki GP 100 is also a fine machine.The Suzuki Panther is equivalent to the Yamaha RZX or RXS . In terms of Power Output 2 stroke engines are better than 4 stroke ,but then the former is not environment friendly.Partly cos owners do not service their bikes regularly or use low quality 2T oils .

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    Wow a very good technical info of the new Suzuki smash 115.Suzuki motor co Ltd should have put this in their ads and their web page. Going through the technical specs,comparisons to smash 110 ,decompression for easier kick start ,environmental friendly exhaust system , improved fuel effiecienct carburettor ,valve set up , and the meter panels looks like a great bike by SUZUKI JAPAN.
    HONDA Ex 5 is nothing compared to this bike. Thanks to the person ,who put this website .I am going to get one of this bike by this week.Price is also reasonable.Majority of the uneducated mass do not value this bike.

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    u usch a great man for coming out with this website and putting up the suzuki smash 115 technical 32 pages. suzuki should put this into suzuki website. SHAME ON SUZUKI. suzuki sucks in marketing and spare part availabiltity.

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