Suzuki Smash Revo Wins 115cc Underbone Malaysian Cub Prix 2009

February 1st, 2010 11:52 am by
Suzuki Smash Revo

Suzuki Smash Revo

Suzuki Smash Revo driven by Mohd Affendi Rosli and modified by SCK Motor Racing has won the Overall 115cc Underbone Championship of Malaysian Cub Prix 2009 series.

Suzuki Smash Revo is not popular here in Malaysia and I don’t what are going to happen to it even after it won the podium. Maybe the recipe to be popular is not there. My guess for an underbone bike to become popular is to have large displacement at least 135cc, monoshock rear suspension, front and rear disc brake, radical look and the brand is Yamaha.

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