KYT RRX Matte Black Flip-up Helmet

I’m now liking the design and the feel of this Kyt helmet which is a popular brand in Indonesia. The design are absolutely nice and look like an eagle. The shape looks aerodynamic. The padding inside the helmet are soft and very comfortable. This is good for long distance ride. I’m saving my money for…

AMX Aviator AP990 Double Visor Full Face Helmet

What’s great about this AMX helmet is that the sunvisor is placed internally under the clear visor. It is retractable, so you can use the clear visor at night and retract the sunvisor on the inside for scorching sunlight ray protection at day. Price for AMX Aviator AP990 Double Visor Full Face Helmet is RM570….

AGV AF-1 Sword V. Rossi Helmet

Found this while browsing to Rakuten Japan here: Legendary Excalibur sword image design on the top of the helmet. If the the Excalibur sword is not in the design, this would be my favourite design of V. Rossi’s replica helmet.