2010 Kawasaki Z750: Japan Style at its Finest

This is one of the most masculine bike I have ever seen. It looks real Japan-style too. The big fuel tank, aggressive forward stance and naked engine chassis makes this bike completely desirable. Available in 3 colours; black, orange and white. Whatever colour you choose, you have choosen wisely since all the colour are nice….

Kawasaki Factory Auto Racing Car

We have seen earlier that Yamaha is tuning Toyota and Lotus car. To my surprise, Kawasaki also has it own 4-wheel history in 1970s with the green machine equipped with 440cc 2-stroke 2-cylinder sourced from its snowmobile engine with 13-inch wheel. You must it read the original post for full story after the jump  

2010 Kawasaki Z1000

The image of Kawasaki Z1000 stills lingers in my mind after the visit to Kawasaki Fun Carnival on 24th April. The actual live view of this bike shows it is much more beautiful than what you see in pictures. Kawasaki Z1000 is one of the most popular naked superbike other than the Aprilia Tuono 1000R,…