2011 Yamaha XJ6 Engine Sound

I have recorded the sound of the 2011 Yamaha XJ6 600cc at GTMax Shah Alam. The salesman there, Hafis are very helpful and asked me to try to listen to the engine sound. The sound of this XJ6 are really soft and almost silent. It sounded very much like a very precise machine in action….

2011 Yamaha XJ-6 Minisite at HLYM!

Just got a tip from Evo, the blogger of ArenaKereta (thanks!) about the new 600cc superbike from Yamaha; the XJ-6 Diversion. Some people call this bike, 4-in-1 bike since it is multipurpose. 2011 Yamaha XJ-6 Diversion is priced around RM38,000 and RM39,000 (source: Mudah). Quite cheap. Check out the minisite here: