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2013 Suzuki Shooter 115Fi in Indonesia – 37% more fuel efficient – Rp. 13,250.00 (RM4,044.44)

Thursday, May 9th, 2013


Suzuki has released fuel-injection bikes with 115cc which should be the first for them to have FI bikes in their lineup.  As we already know, FI bikes are known for their accurate fuel and air measuring that can provide maximum power for minimum loss of unused fuel. With this in mind, Suzuki stated that this Shooter 115Fi are 37% more fuel efficient compared to their same 115cc bike without FI system. 37% is a very large number for a moped in terms of fuel efficiency as we can see the bike can be ride longer with less frequent fuel stops. Also, an example of it is that if the bike can go 200km per fuel tank, now it can go all the way up to 274km roughly but that’s only in theory.  (more…)