2014 Yamaha Lagenda 115Z Fuel Injection Race Modified

lagenda-115z-fuel-injection-modifiedJust after a month after its launch. The 2014 Yamaha Lagenda 115Z Fuel Injection already making its way to be modified for racing.

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Yoshimura Products for Underbone Motorcycles Lineup

Yoshimura Full System Trioval Exhaust Pipe for Suzuki Belang R150

There are many more underbone bikes that get some love from Yoshimura from Japan. I have checked their website and found out that there are already full system exhaust pipes and some camshaft from them. The bikes that get to see the light of modification from Yoshimura other than the Yamaha Lagenda 115Z, Yamaha 135LC and Honda Wave 125X are Suzuki FJ110 (Belang R150 smaller brother aka Raider 110), Suzuki Axelo 125, Yamaha Ego S, Yamaha Ego LC aka Mio 125 or Xeon, Yamaha Vega R 110 and Honda Icon 110AT.

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Yamaha Lagenda 115Z/ZR Accessories from Yamaha

Yamaha Lagenda 115Z/ZR Accessories

Pump your ride with the Lagenda 115Z accessories that are available from Yamaha. You can get the Tail Lamp Protector to alter the style of your controversial tail lamp. You can also install the Indicator Garnish to make your front end looks more cyber. Add the Visor to make your bike looks like a grass-hopper or and the Meter Panel Cover for better protection to you meter cluster and easy for you to read the instrument during shiny sunny day.

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Modified Yamaha Lagenda 115Z with 32mm UMA Racing Carb and RB SP399 Wheel

Modified Yamaha Lagenda 115Z

This is a test bike from Maju Motor. It is fitted with 32mm UMA Racing carburetor with is way much bigger than the original stock carburetor at 17mm. Using larger carburetor is one of my favourite modification since this will definitely increase the horsepower and torque at the same time. Fuel economy is not in the equation here since it is not being considered. I still remember my Honda C70 that I use to have when I studied at university in Johor, that is fitted with RX-S 100 carburetor at 22mm, I think. The power at high RPM is enormous and surprisingly, the stock cylinder and casing of the Honda C70 can bear the torture.

This red Yamaha Lagenda 115Z also fitted with Racing Boy SP399 3-spoke wheel in white that matches the overall look. SP399 is one of the most popular wheel in modification scene since it is lightweight, high quality, easy to clean have and nice style. Anyway, this wheel design is not originally from RB since it is being used as a stock wheel for Yamaha Y125ZR in 2001 by Enkei.

This bike is still in progress of modifying, so, I shall visit the shop again to see what it looks like when everything is well finished and ready to run.

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