2014 Modenas GT128 (RM5,188) and Ace 115 (RM4,398) Edisi Harimau Malaya


Modenas has updated the livery two of their bikes that is the Modenas GT128 and Modenas Ace 115 to this new livery named ‘Edisi Harimau Malaya’. Harimau Malaya is the iconic name for the Malaysian football team that is themed with the colour black and yellow. It is inspired from the tiger that is found in Malaysian forest. It represents the spirit of the Malaysian people that have the perserverance to fight for their dreams.

2014 Modenas GT128 Edisi Harimau Malaya is priced at RM5,188 and 2014 Modenas Ace 115 is priced at RM4,398. All are basic price not including road tax, insurance and registration.

Modenas GT128 SE livery coverset- RM165 [promo price]


Modenas GT128 now have reasons to update their coversets as this GT128 SE livery coverset are now for sale at RM165 at DRB Hicom Auto Fair –  Charity for Gaza. The original price is at RM330 which should translate to big saving to owners. The GT128 SE livery here too is nicer than the stock livery and contain much more dynamic lines for fresh and racy looks. Available in blue and red. The red one is after the jump:   Continue reading “Modenas GT128 SE livery coverset- RM165 [promo price]”

Bro Hadi: The Rider That Travel 30,000km With Modenas GT128 Underbone Bike to 24 Countries

Syed Ahmad Abdul Hadi Syed Hussein is the guy on the Modenas GT128 with registration number of QSM 17 which has finished travelling to 24 countries totaling 30,000km. I got the chance to meet him at the Shah Alam Bike Week and he is very friendly to be interviewed.

His bike there was dirty and looks like it haven’t being washed for a long time, I wonder why he didn’t clean his bike. He said that he only wash his bike once and that is the time when the bike is still in Malaysia. The reason why the bike is dirty and why he didn’t wash his bike is because the bike actually carries all the dirt along the journey to 24 countries. There is a dirt from Nepal, dirt from London, dirt from Thailand and many more countries. So, I think, that is a great reason why he didn’t wash his bike.

Hadi also tells me that the longest ride in a day that he has ever made is about 800km+. That is a very long journey in a day a rider can take. I’m sure the butt hurts. That is why long distance journey are also called ‘Iron Butt Ride’. Bro Hadi also admits that the butt does hurts.

When asked about maintenance of the bike, he said that he use to change the engine oil every 2,000km and he always try not to exceed this mileage as it can cause major engine problem. So far this method works. Anyway, he also tells me that for every 1000km, the oil inside the engine will be reduced, so a top up oil is always needed. He also needs to prepare for tyre puncture and for this, tube is always carried as a backup even he uses the tubeless type tyre. For small puncture, the tubeless tyre can easily be repaired, but the tube are for situation where small repair are not possible. This can helps in an unexpected situation. Sprocket set also need to be changed and regularly maintained as it is prone to attracts dirt such as sands that can make the sprocket become loose (wear and tear). One more thing that needs to be maintained is the air filter especially when traveling in snowy condition and sandy dunes. Bro Hadi tells me that in one occasion, he managed to scoop a handful of dirt inside the air filter. How does he knows the air filter needs to be cleaned? He said that the bike will be come throttle-heavy and slow to response since the air are now not easy to get to the carburetor.

Listening to his stories directly from himself are really inspiring and full of education. It makes me want to go further and travel long distance too. Thanks bro Hadi!

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Modified Modenas GT128 Autoshow Bike

Modified Modenas GT128 Autoshow Bike

This is actually the first bike that caught my attention while I was at the Modenas carnival at GTMax in Shah Alam. This GT128 a.k.a GT135 in Greece is draped a lot of carbon fibre coversets with black overall colour. The wheel are clever as it uses stainless steel wheel which is different that the stock GT128 which comes in COM* (Comstar) cast alloy wheel.

HID projection head light fitted with CF coverset

The front look of the GT128 looks like an owl already with the double lamp headlight, but with the addition of HID (high intensity discharge) light, it adds much meaner look and more ‘life’ to it. This HID headlight look very much the same like the one fitted to 2010 Yamaha YZF-R1. The reason this headlight is choosen is because it is compact and can save in weight.  Continue reading “Modified Modenas GT128 Autoshow Bike”

2011 Modenas GT128 vs 2011 Yamaha 135LC Super Sport (Auto Clutch) Specs Comparison


Model / Comparison 2011 Modenas GT128 Yamaha 135LC Super Sport 4-speed
Bore x stroke 53.0 x 59.1 mm 54.0 x 58.7 mm
Displacement 130 cc 134.4 cc
Cam system 4-stroke, 1 cyl, 2-valve, SOHC SOHC 4-valve, 1 cyl, liquid-cooled
CDI DC-CDI with single mappings DC-CDI with single mapping
Power (kW) 7.18 kW @ 7,500 rpm 8.93kW (8,500rpm)

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Modenas GT128 Technical Specification

Modenas GT128 Orange
Modenas GT128 Orange
Type 4-stroke, 1 cyl, SOHC
Bore X Stroke 53.0 x 59.1 mm
Displacement 130
Compression Ratio 10:1
Carburetor KEIHIN NCV24
Ignition System DC-CDI
Starting System kick and electric starter
Cooling System Air cooled
Lubrication Forced lub, wet
Fuel Tank Capacity 4.3 L
Fuel Consumption 64.4 km/l @ 80km/h
Type 4-speed rotary (down)
Clutch Centrifugal and wet
Primary Reduction Ratio 3.000 (69/23)
Final Reduction Ratio 2.800 (42/15)
Driving System Chain
Type Pipe backbone
Front Suspension Telescopic fork
Rear Suspension Trailing Swing
Front Brake Single disc
Rear Brake

Fuel Tank

Single disc


Electrical System
Battery 12V3.5Ah