BMW HP4 Race: Superbike Ultra Ringan – RM383,395!



Dalam beberapa tahun sekali, BMW Motorrad akan mengagumkan dunia dengan mahakarya kejuruteraannya, dan mereka sekali lagi telah berjaya melakukannya dengan keajaiban kejuruteraan terkini mereka, BMW HP4 Race.

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2013 BMW HP4 with Package Competition


The BMW HP4 is the lightest and fastest supersports bike in its class to date. The HP label stands for high performance and thus for exceptional agility, power and riding dynamics. These attributes are expressed in the bike’s consistently sporty design and in its exclusive surfaces made of carbon and titanium among other materials. The accentuated colouring of the sophisticated graphics likewise points to the high standards embodied by the BMW HP4. As a high-performance bike, each BMW HP4 is issued with its own serial number, which is indelibly laser-engraved into the upper fork bridge.