1999 Aprilia RS250 Challenge – the 2-stroke racer


A beautiful 2-stroke machine by Aprilia with the given name of RS250 Challenge. Reminds me the time of MotoGP era where we still can see 2-stroke bikes on the race with 125cc and 250cc class. It was a great time and the sound the 2-stroke machine is nice. This particular Aprilia RS250 share the same engine with the lovable Suzuki RGV250 VJ22 but tuned for higher power output and styling that is so Italian. This could be a bike that you can even park it in your living room and stare at it all day when you are not riding it.

via: https://www.facebook.com/raresportbikes

1972 Kawasaki H2 Café Racer Modified – 3-cylinder 2-stroke machine


Kawasaki H2 has begin its life in 1972 fitted with 750cc 3-cylinder 2-stroke air-cooled engine that maxes out 74 hp at 6,800RPM. It has been hailed as the ‘The Wheelie King’ because of the handling character that makes it wheelie-happy.

Properly modified as pictured above, the ‘Kamikaze’ decals suits it nicely since it was the era of Kawasaki bringing the ‘scarily fast, good-looking and no holds barred motorcycles’.

via: https://www.facebook.com/cmcmotorcycles and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kawasaki_H2_Mach_IV

1988 Kawasaki KR-1 – 55PS of 250cc 2-stroke 225km/h racer


1988 sees a lot of 250cc 2-stroke performance bike on the market. One of the best bike are this one, Kawasaki KR-1. Fitted with liquid-cooled 2-stroke 250cc engine 180° firing parallel twin configuration, this engine are able to maxes out 55PS  of power at 11,000RPM and have been tested at the Bonneville Speedway to claim the World’s Fastest Production 250cc as tested by Performance Bikes Magazine. The speed recorded is 225km/h. That is fast for a bike with just 123kg of weight.

Kawasaki Integrated Powervalve System (KIPS) was incorporated in the engine design to widens the power delivery of the engine so that it feels smooth in almost every RPM range. KIPS are still used in the current bike in 2013 as used by the KRR-150ZX.

Is there any of this bike available in Malaysia? Or is it never touch the ground here?  Continue reading “1988 Kawasaki KR-1 – 55PS of 250cc 2-stroke 225km/h racer”

1988 Suzuki RGV250 – the closest thing you could get to a GP bike on the road in 80’s


Suzuki RGV250 is one of the most popular 250cc 2-stroke bike in the world. It is staged with other interesting machines like the Honda NSR250R and Yamaha TZR250SPR. This particular bike is RGV250K-L VJ21 that gives out 58PS at 11,000RPM. Made from the 1988 and all the way to 1990. It comes in iconic Suzuki blue and white colour that sets it apart from the competing bikes.


The engine fitted to this bike is a 2-cylinder 90-degree V-configuration in 2-stroke mode cycle. It is forward inclined at 20-degree for lower center of gravity. The crankshaft is 180-degree and made to be strong and compact. To reduce the friction from the piston to the wall of the cylinder block, SBC cylinder plating is applied to replace the conventional cast iron sleeves. SBC stands for Suzuki Boron Composite that plates the aluminium cylinder inner walls with a special alloy plating that consists of nickel and phosphor alloy carrying boron bromide. This reduces the friction and increases the durability of the piston rings.  Continue reading “1988 Suzuki RGV250 – the closest thing you could get to a GP bike on the road in 80’s”

2004 Suzuki Satria 120 R – 2-stroke power


After looking for a bike model from Suzuki on Google, I found this interesting picture of the 2004 Suzuki Satria 120 R which is marketed in Indonesia. The bike bears a significant resemblance of the Yamaha 125Z.

The bike itself is equipped with great specs to begin with. We can see the use of the front and rear disc brake, monoshock rear suspension, 120cc lean-angle 2-stroke engine. The engine are able to push 15.5PS at 8,000RPM and 1.50kgmf at 7,000RPM. Transmission is checked with the 6-speed gearbox. The tyre is wide at 2.50-17 at the front and 2.75-17 at the rear. All that packaged in 101kg of total weight.  Continue reading “2004 Suzuki Satria 120 R – 2-stroke power”

Modified Yamaha RX-Z Motocross Style


Ady Sevens shared the link about this Yamaha RX-Z modified to motocross style as seen on Mudah.my. This kind of mod is very unusual since most RX-Z are modded lightly just to make it street legal but powerful and fast. This one in motocross style are equipped with monoshock rear suspension and the exposed front suspension that it makes it looks very different. We can only see the RX-Z design cues from the unmistaken look of the fuel tank. Good mod bro!

Thanks to Ady Sevens for sharing.

Via: http://m.mudah.my/view?ca=0_1_s&ad_id=19834722

Guess what bike is this? Hint: Not a Vespa [UPDATE: Maico Maicoletta Scooter]

I’ve found on eBay UK this very Vespa-ish looking scotter that is eventually known not a Vespa. This should be going to be a hard one for you to guess, but give it a try. Answer is after the jump or on the title:  Continue reading “Guess what bike is this? Hint: Not a Vespa [UPDATE: Maico Maicoletta Scooter]”

Four New Colours for 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 150RR in Indonesia

20120215-073125 PTG.jpg

The all aggresive and beautiful 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 150RR in Indonesia comes in 3 basic colours with 1 special edition colour which full graphics white.
Yes, the all important colour, the Lime Green which is synonym to Kawasaki racing colours are also available. Continue reading “Four New Colours for 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 150RR in Indonesia”