2011 Honda EX5 Gold: Loved by Malaysia

ex5 emas
2011 Honda EX5 in Gold colour


The most popular cub bikes in Malaysia just got a new colour; Gold. It has been sold 1.5 million and still going strong on sales up to this day. EX5 are known for its fuel efficiency, durability and very low maintainance cost. It is a good bike for you to try to learn about DIY repair since it has easy acces to engine parts, but proceed with care. The design are evergreen, simple and functional.
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Modified Modenas CT100

Modified Modenas CT100

Modenas has organized a carnival at GTMax on Sat and Sun last week. I met with many Modenas supporter there from GT128riders.com, CTBikerz.com, GT128-Xtreme and many more.

One of the most special thing about this mod is actually not from the engine, but the seat cover in diamond web fabric.

Modenas has setup this nice CT100 bike in orange with few yellow and black accent. My eyes are attracted the left clutch lever that mean this bike is equipped with manual clutch kit. Some of the coverset are replaced with the one in carbon fibre design which adds nice touch when viewed up close.

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