BM Power Performance exhaust system for KRR-150, TZM-150, Y125Z, RX-Z, TXR, NSR and RGV – estimated RM350

Here is the collection of performance exhaust from BM Power for 2-stroke bikes. I have experience with BM Power exhaust which I think is super loud exhaust with that nice ‘ting-ting’ sound for 2-stroke bikes. Price is estimated at RM350 but you can head on to their FB page to know more. via:

KSE Racing Exhaust for Yamaha RX-Z

The KSE is much shorter that the stock exhaust Click to enlarge Click to enlarge The chamber much thinner compare to stock exhaust chamber Click to enlarge KSE Racing Exhaust for Yamaha RX-Z Head of the exhaust is much wider than stock Straight flow construction Smaller/thinner chamber mean this one is for top RPM power…