Yamaha Exciter 150 Movistar modified in Vietnam with Rotobox Carbon Wheel



A nicely modified Yamaha Exciter 150 (or Y15ZR in Malaysia) in Vietnam inspired by the YZR-M1 livery of the Team Movistar Yamaha in MotoGP.

I can see the uprated Ohlins front fork, racing rear swing arm and the expensive carbon wheel by Rotobox.  Rotobox-R1M-Graphic_feature-633x388

The actual wheel used is from Rotobox RBX2 R1M Graphic. Made from carbon fibre, this is sure lightweight as it onlys measures at about 7kg for that two piece front and rear wheel! As a comparison, BMW S1000RR stock wheel weighted at 12kg. Rotobox says that this is not only lightweight but ‘truly the lightest and strongest carbon fibre wheel’.


This is the Rotobox RBX2 standard wheel without special graphic. Even this one is nice with the weave of carbon fibre.


Rotobox – http://www.rotobox-wheels.com/

Rotobox FB – https://www.facebook.com/rotoboxwheels/


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