2016 TuneBoss ECU from FSR Technology for Yamaha Y15ZR is ready to roll [Video] – RM650


The homegrown technical master of ECU has finally readies their new creation, the TuneBoss ECU for Yamaha Y15ZR. TuneBoss is the most tuneable ECU ever for moped available commercially and there is only one variant with all the features included. No need to buy higher priced variant to get more features as this the one that have it all. 

The benefit of the ECU is greatly appreciated by modders and tuners as they want to control lots of aspect of the bike engine in terms of AFR (Air-Fuel Ratio), ignition timing and so on. You can also unlock the cut-off from the engine and this means that you can reveal the real power of your bike even it is not modded yet. Anyway, do it on your own risk.

Price at RM650, this is for me, a value for money item.

NOTE: In the video you see two lights coming on and off. It is actually programmed by the TuneBoss to work as the shift light.

Head on to https://www.facebook.com/fsrtech for more info


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