2016 Kawasaki Z125 / Z125 Pro unveiled in Thailand – THB74,990 (RM9,057 direct conv)

2016-Kawasaki-Z125-Orange Kawasaki Thailand is welcoming Z125 and Z125 Pro to the land of the white elephant to be line up along the Z series of naked street bike.

Kawasaki have a similar bike like this, that is is the KLX125, KLX150 and also the KSR. All of these bikes has been placed in the category of off-road bikes, where this Z125 / Z125 PRO, is being placed under the naked street bike Z series2016-Kawasaki-Z125-Silver

Z series has been progressively updated and added with new model in this 5 years. Starting the trend was the Z800 which has come out with a highly affordable price that shook the biking world and Malaysia included. Then coming up after that is the Z250, to satisfy the urban riders that needs a proper naked street bike with better street ergonomics (higher handlebar, low seating, straight up position).

2016-Kawasaki-Z125-GreenThe addition of the Z125 / Z125 Pro gives out more reason to choose Kawasaki if the riders follows the Z series.

Tech specs from Kawasaki Thailand

Or even better, the rider already have Z800 but looking for more managable ride for short commute, Z125 can come as handy little bike and still Z.


You might be asking what is the differences between the Z125 and Z125 Pro? The differences that I can observe is that the Z125 is auto-clutch, where the Z125 Pro is manual clutch equipped. Other than that, the Z125 Pro is higher in seating position at 10mm to give out 750mm as compared to Z125 at 740mm.


For a bike this small, the meter cluster is given a very nice treatment. We can see the digital analog combination being used properly. The big RPM dial tells you that this bike is ready to roll and the LCD gives out the rest of the information in a quick glance view.

Three colour option are available that is the Lime Green, Candy Orange and Silver Gray.

We have no news whether this bike will be available in Malaysia or not.

Images and info from: Kawasaki1Ban, Kawasaki Thailand, Izam Sengal and Kalaivanan Rajagopal

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