2015 Suzuki Address 115cc unveiled in Malaysia – RM4,788 (basic)


Suzuki Address now available in Malaysia in the already great lineup of Suzuki automatic bikes. We have seen earlier the super simple automatic bike by Suzuki that is the Nex, which is a great fuel-efficient bike with powerful engine. The only thing that Nex riders are looking for is for more storage space as maybe a better fuel economy. All this has been addressed with Suzuki Address which comes with higher effiency fuel-injection system that manages to scale the bike to 53km/l. Suzuki also enlarges the fuel tank to massive 5.3 liter (this is massive in automatic bike category, Suzuki Nex is only 3.5 liter ooo). Based on the data from Suzuki ECER40 testing, this bike can go all the way to 276km just with one full tank.  


Underseat storage space is big enough so that you can fit a full face helmet with few riding gear inside it. When you are riding, the underseat storage is big enough to store your handphone, wallet and extra items so that it is protected from the water if there is raining condition.


The left front storage area can fit 600ml of capacity while the right side can fit 500ml capacity of storage. There is always a good thing for a scooter to have a big storage compartment.


Suzuki Address comes with cast alloy wheel and fitted with a more durable tubeless tyre which is better as compared to the Suzuki Nex as the Nex only uses tube-type tyre.


Different that the Suzuki Nex, the headlight are now attached to the more traditional setup that is on the handlebar, as opposed to the Suzuki Nex placement that is on the lower front fairing. Personally, I prefer this headlight handlebar position of this Suzuki Address.


Suzuki Address comes with advanced fuel-injection system. This is what Suzuki says about it:

Sensors accurately detect throttle position, engine RPM, atmospheric pressure, intake pressure, engine temperature, muffler o2, and this data is aggregated in the ECU. SUZUKI’s ECU processes the data in real-time to calculate the optimal fuel suited for the riding condition.

A narrower valve-angle and optimized air intake port create more vertical tumbling swirls that help combust fuel faster and more efficiently. Air-fuel mixture is further refined by increased number of injection holes and its design, which result in more precise fuel mixture.


The speedometer setup is simple and easy to read which always be a good thing. Anyway, I prefer to have a split signal indicator light not like the one in the meter above.


You can now lock the left brake (rear brake). This is a good thing especially when you have to park on a elevated and bumpy ground.


Suzuki Address also comes in the red colour. This is the era for fuel injection bikes in Malaysia.

2015 Suzuki Address price is RM4,788 (basic and not including GST 6%).


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