2015 Honda EX5 Dream FI – recognizable style, modern technology – RM4,299(kick), RM4,529(electric)

2015-Honda-EX5-FI-Dream-003Boon Siew Honda has unveiled their latest model, the Honda EX5 Dream FI, its new generation of EX5 series. The Honda EX5 Dream FI is more powerful, offers dynamic performance, faster, safer, more striking and sportier in looks while retaining the features of practicality, quality, fuel-efficient and value for money.


All the new and enhanced features in the Honda EX5 Dream FI are specially designed for
the Malaysian market and this model is an upgraded version from the EX5 Dream 110
model, which was launched in 2013. These features are created based on feedback and
comments from customers on EX5 Dream 110.  2015-Honda-EX5-FI-Dream-016

The new EX5 Dream FI is a new and improved, revised edition of the EX5, a considerable
upgrade from the older and well-known EX5 110, launched 2 years ago. It is a product which
Boon Siew Honda can recommend with full confidence as the specifications of the new EX5
Dream FI model is based on customer requirements.

The EX5 FI is the first cub model in its class to include our new technology, the FI engine
system which was developed to improve power and fuel efficiency. Rides on the highways
and streets will be smoother than ever.

The fuel injection system (FI) enables a minimum air-fuel ratio required by the engine, using
electronic control techniques, and thus, ensuring environmental friendly performance and
high level driveability.

ex5-FI-specsThis FI system is usually deployed in bikes with bigger cc and bikes
for motor races such as MotoGP for more effective control. With the combination of 110cc
engine and FI system in EX5 Dream FI, this new model is all about power, acceleration and
higher fuel efficiency.

The improved fuel tank 4.3L reduces frequency to refill petrol thus offered greater
convenience of further distance for riders.

Boon Siew Honda also emphasised the advanced safety feature available in the EX5 Dream
FI model. Its separated taillight and signal lights design enabling easy notice of the riders by
vehicles from behind. Meanwhile, the newly designed panel meter has clear visible gauges
and indicators for quick and easy monitoring. These features are great for riders who ride at
night and dark roads.

In terms of appearance, the EX5 Dream FI was designed for more modern and stylish look.
Its slim head cover with chrome emblem provides a sportier and striking appeal. The chrome
muffler cover is not only more attractive in appearance but also acts as added safety feature
from heat.

The new EX5 Dream FI is available in the three colours of Euphoria Red Metallic, Vital Blue
Metallic and Mariana Purple Metallic.


Boon Siew Honda is confident that the attractive pricing and great features will propel sales
of the EX5 Dream FI to reach its target of 37,200 units yearly.

2015 Honda EX5 Dream FI (Fuel Injection) price is RM4,299 (Kick starter) and RM4,529 (Electric Starter). Basic price.


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