2015 KTM RC250 and Duke 250 Concept unveiled in Tokyo Motor Show – 31hp 250cc



KTM has unveiled a couple of model to fit between the 200 and 390 range with the RC250 and Duke 250. The 250cc is a good step  forward since there are many countries that have license regulations that limits 250cc bikes for a entry class license. Bigger than that, you’ll need to apply another license class. 

31hp (23kW) at 9,000RPM at only 37.2kg!

It is stated by KTM that this 250cc will generate 31hp at 9,000RPM. The RC200 currently generates 25hp which already commendable for that lightweight chassis.

Check out that 250 label on the fuel tank front fairing

I have been saying that KTM is a manufacturer that really reacts fast to the market and to the demand of the riders. I’m thinking KTM already prepares the RC250 and Duke 250 for production sooner that you thought.

2015 KTM RC250 Concept (see that 250 word on the middle of the fairing?)

BTW, if the RC is 250cc engine equipped, does this means that it already almost becoming the KTM Moto3 GP replica?

UPDATE: The price for RC250 in Japan is estimated at JPY620,000 (RM19,197.49 direct conversion). Eh, kalau dah ada harga ni, maknanya macam dah ready untuk production la kan?

Source: bikesindia and responsejp

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