2015 SHOEI J-Force IV helmet – compact and lightweight


A better helmet than its predecessor, the Shoei J-Force IV continues to be one of the best open-face helmet available on the market. The tagline is ‘Compact & Lightweight’ with lots of enhancement on many areas. The design is different than the J-Force III with the introduction of side outlet that is presented in hexagon honeycomb pattern.


J-Force IV has the improved aerodynamic performance that gives is 5% less lift and 2% less drag as compared to the J-Force III. At the speed of 100km/h, J-Force IV is quieter than the J-Force III as shown on the graph above. 


The J-Force IV are also better in terms of the airflow inside the helmet to makes it feels cooler as you wear it for long distance riding. There are newly designed top air outlet and side outlet that helps to achieve this cooling effect.


The inside are padded with fabric named ‘quup’ that is made by Toray Industries Inc that are able to absorb moisture and breathable up to 2 times more than the conventional nylon. The ‘quup’ nylon is both smooth to the touch and cool to make sure the comfort is all included.

via: http://jp.shoei.com/products/en/helmet_detail.php?id=439

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