Shell Advance Asia Talent Cup Sepang Race 1 taken by homegrown Shafiq Rasol



A very interesting race opens today with the great riding by our homegrown hero, Shafiq Rasol, who wins the Shell Advance Asia Talent Cup on the Race 2. He was on the leader pack of 4 riders who are fighting for the top position which consists of Date, Toba and Kunimine.

Impressive and in control Shafiq Rasol riding style makes him stays on the pack all the way to the last lap in a race of exchanging position on the last 5 lap. Shafiq is on 3rd position on the last lap but he manages to take the corner and beat the two riders ahead to secure his podium wins.

The win of Shafiq Rasol means that this is the first non-Japanese wins in SAATC. More meaningful since this is achieved in his own country.


Shell Advance Asia Talent Cup is a great race to really test the skills of a rider since the bike is only contributed from one manufacturer, Honda, with the model NSF250R. All of the specs of bike is the same.

Hoping for a great results coming from Shafiq for the Shell Advance Asia Talent Cup in Race 2.

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