2014 Yamaha Vixion MotoGP livery in Indonesia



Yamaha Vixion (or the FZ150i in Malaysia) gets a livery update to commemorate the MotoGP in 2014. The tagline ‘Semakin Di Depan’ is shown at the the side fairing with the recognisable Race-blu colour mixed with the white base colour. In 2013, Yamaha Indonesia also have prepared the MotoGP 2013 variant of the Vixion and it sure looks nice. This can be a collectors item if you start collecting it since 2013.   yamaha-vixion-motogp-livery020

Looking at the both MotoGP 2014 and MotoGP 2013 livery edition, you can see that the MotoGP 2014 uses the white base colour on the tank, where for the MotoGP 2013, it uses Race-blu base colour. MotoGP livery edition always looking nice even with only graphics scheme change. This can actually boost the sales of the bike in the MotoGP season.


via: http://ringpiston.com/2014/08/20/yamaha-new-vixion-livery-motogp-2014/


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