Akrapovic S-Y2SO11-AHCSS Slip-on exhaust for 2014 Yamaha YZF-R25


Always loud and heads turner, Akrapovic, has already make the performance exhaust for 2014 Yamaha YZF-R25. The YZF-R25 is rumored to be launched in Malaysia on first quarter of 2015 and this is good to know that you can already see there are high performance parts are available for you to tune the R25.  Akrapovic S-Y2SO11-AHCSS Slip-on exhaust system will make sure you can extract few more horsepower from the engine, at the same time, save few weight from the stock exhaust and also give it a proper sound track.2014-YZF-R25-akrapovic-exhaust2Quality from Akrapovic is always high and they always use the more expensive metal for the exhaust construction. This makes the price of the Akrapovic is always higher than the other. This one, I estimated should be price around RM3,500. No official price yet from Akrapovic in Malaysia.


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  1. Tak silap ada satu brader cakap orang Indonesia dengan Thailand tak sabar nak race moto 250cc untuk ARRC tahun depan. Kalau R25 tak masuk Malaysia macam mana team Malaysia yang pakai Yamaha nak race? Takkan pakai Kawasaki dan Honda je? Lagipun Singapore kemungkinan besar dapat R3 sebab lesen moto 2B diorang sampai 200cc je (dan 2A 400cc). Jadi daripada masuk 250cc baik masuk 300cc terus.

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