2015 Honda CBR150R dual headlight in Indonesia features Marc Marquez in its brochure – Made of Champion


Mr Taufik of tmcblog is now at 2015 Honda  CBR150R launching event and he has posted few images about the CBR150R brochure. It carries the tagline “Made of Champion” and features Marc Marquez with the Repsol edition CBR150R.
This is one of the interesting 150cc bike we can see to fight with R15 or the FZ150i. Featuring the Honda engineering prowess, the CBR150R comes equipped with PGM-FI 149.5cc 4-stroke DOHC 4-valve liquid-cooled engine. Paired with the engine is the sweet 6-speed transmission to give you better control to match the engine speed and the bike speed just in case you want to take for sportier riding or even getting it to the track attack.
Personally, I really hope Boon Siew Honda will brings this in for Malaysia market. We have been missing the 150cc supersports from Honda for so long.


Rear suspension are made to feature the Pro-Link system for better suspension on the road or even on the track. A welcome addition is the use of secure key shutter to make it harder for the one who wants it badly. For the Repsol edition, there is one thing that I can see on the brochure that is the Champion Accessories. This includes seater cowl, smoke visor, radiator cover, tank pad kit and also fuel lid pad. All are nicely design and should serve the purpose.

Price is estimated at IDR28.5million or RM7,686.

Via: http://tmcblog.com/2014/09/07/brosur-all-new-cbr150r-silahkan-di-intip-sob/#more-67344

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  1. moto ni lau msuk m’sia pun mgkin 5thun akan dtg….tgk cntoh pada r15&r25…tmpt lain dh lame masuk…tp m’sia still lum ada pasaran lg…same gak cam wave125…dkt s’pore dh 5thun dpasarkn bru lah msuk m’sia….negara yg dkatakn lebih maju dr negara dorg tu…

  2. Kalau benar Boon Siew bawak masuk CBR ni, HLY akan launch R15 V2.0 tapau balik CBR nih. HLY cerdik lor. HLY dah buat road test R15 last year lagi sama2 ngan FZ 2014 kat Malaysia ni. Cuma yang launch sekarang FZ 2014 je. R15 tarak (belom tiba masanya lagi).

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