Modified Coast Cycles from Singapore – perfect companion for your Streetcub



In the midst of the Streetcub craze happening in Malaysia, a friend of mine, Pejal JB from R ENGINEERING has posted this image of Coast Cycles with that iconic big wide tyres just like to Streetcub. This could be the perfect companion for you to exercise your muscle and still have that Streetcub style. The one in black body is fitted with white alloy wheel that gives a great contrast to show the big wide tyre. The one in red is looking good to as it reminds me the red Ducati Trellis frame style. 

The frame itself is made from high quality parts just like in motorcycle. The metal choosen is the Chromoly chassis, the same material used in rollcage of a racing car.

All in all, this bicycle really looks like a Streetcub motorcycle. Nice work bro. Price is unknown but I estimated at RM10k.

Source by Pejal JB Faizal FB.

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