KTM RC390 and RC200 coming to Malaysia this October 2014



Just a little bit late than rumored earlier for the launch in Q2 2014, now we are getting closer to see the arrival of the Race Competition series from KTM in October.
As featured in Harian Metro today, Eurotech is predicting to sell about 5,000 units of the bike soon. Based on this number, I can guess that KTM has already studied their competitors and the market in Malaysia and the 5,000 units can mean that this bike going to be competitively priced along with the supersports style Honda CBR250R and Kawasaki Ninja 250SL.

wpid-wp-1406811927026.jpegAll of the bike have single cylinder engine of 250cc where the KTM RC200 is only at 200cc, but it comes with a lighter weight. The other version is the KTM RC390 which has been styled like the Moto3 race bike with the compulsary lights, signal and other parts to make it road legal.
This year has been an interesting year for 200-250cc bike. What can makes it is more interesting is when it is priced competitively among its competitors. In the end, you’ll still comment ‘wait for R25 la’. Hehe.

It is rumored that the KTM RC200 will be priced lower than RM20,000 while the KTM RC390 will be priced lower than RM30,000.

Via: KTM Malaysia CKD FB

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