2015 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 30th Anniversary Special Edition – estimated RM72k



Another special edition from Kawasaki to commemorate the 30th anniversary of its Ninja brand is this Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 636 special livery. The engine is still the same that has been upgraded from the 2009 599cc engine to bigger 636cc engine in 2012 for higher output. The engine configuration is 4-stroke 4-valve per cylinder inline-four liquid-cooled.

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The advantage offered by the new Ninja ZX-6R’s 37cc displacement increase is significant for real world riding exhilaration. Increased performance across the rpm range is welcome when sport riding, both in the hills and on the racetrack. But increased low and mid-range torque also offers increased usability in everyday street-riding situations, like riding in stop-and- go city traffic, or accelerating to pass another vehicle on the highway. A new race-inspired clutch offers both a back-torque limiting function as well as a much lighter feel at the lever. The suspension also being revised with the use of SFF-BP.  

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The fork setting are idealised for winding road whether it is on track or on the road. This unit also lighter with thinner tube wall at 1.7mm as compared to 2.0mm previously. This saves 220g.

Total length × width × height 2,085×705×1,115(mm)
Wheelbase 1,395mm
Ground clearance 130mm
Seat height 830mm
Wheel travel (F)120mm (R)134mm
Rake /  Trail 23.5°/101mm
Steering radius (L/R) 27°/27°
Front suspension 41mm (inverted)
Front brake Dual brake disc (diameter 310mm・5mm thick)
Semi floating unit
Rear suspension Uni-Trak
Rear brake Single disc (diameter 220mm・5mm thick)
Petal disc
Weight 192kg(ZX636E)、194kg(ZX636F)
Engine 4-stroke 4-cylinder inline 4-valve per cylinder DOHC liquid-cooled 636cm3
Bore x stroke 67.0×45.1(mm)
Compression ratio 12.9 motomalaya.net
Maximum output Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia  96.4kW(131PS)/13,500rpm
Ram pressure applied:101kW(137PS)/13,500rpm
SE Asia 95.0kW(129PS)/13,000rpm
France 78.2kW(106PS)/13,500rpm
Torque Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, SE Asia 71.0N・m(7.2kgf・m)/11,500rpm
France motomalaya.net 61.0N・m(6.2kgf・m)/10,800rpm
Transmission 6-speed return
Primary reduction ratio 1.900(76/40) motomalaya.net
Gear ratio 1 2.846(37/13)
2 2.200(33/15)
3 1.850(37/20)
4 1.600(32/20)
5 1.421(27/19)
motomalaya.net 1.300(26/20)
Final drive 2.688(43/16)
Fuel tank capacity 17L motomalaya.net
Tyre size (F)120/70ZR17M/C(58W)

2015 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R 30th Anniversary Special Edition price is estimated at RM72k.

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