2011 Yamaha Crypton 110 – the Lagenda 110 in other countries


Rossi has been riding this Yamaha Crypton 110 that is released in the year 2011 for the MotoGP in Argentina. The Crypton 110 basically is the same bike with the Yamaha Lagenda 110 that we have in Malaysia before it is being replaced with the Lagenda 115Z/ZR. The differences that we can see is the use of sportier front fairing and different headlight. 


On the rear, we can see the use of the separated signal lamp from the brake light as this one in Europe need to follow the regulation to have separated signal lamp. On closer inspection, I can see that the rear brake light is almost the same with the Modenas Ace 115 brake light design.


The bike itself in Malaysia has been great seller and compete head to head with Honda 110cc bikes like the Honda Wave 110. It got that comparable fuel efficiency and a good design too.


The front design looks sportier and this can be a good selling point for the Crypton in Argentina, Greece and some other Europe countries. Based on my experience with the Lagenda 110 in Malaysia, the handling of the bike is respectable and very sharp for a bike this small. I think that is also one of the reason it is the bike of choice in Malaysian Cub Prix.

A good bike for daily ride with sufficient power and fuel efficient. In Malaysia, we have this replaced with the 2014 Yamaha Lagenda 115Z YMJET_FI.

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