Arai SZ-Ram 4 Nakasuga open-face helmet – the evergreen livery we always wanted – RM1,900


Arai is one of the premium helmets brand that are popular in Malaysia. Premium helmets can be considered as the expensive helmets because the price tag is about 50 times higher than normal helmet (taking example of MS88 helmet at RM30 x 50 = RM1,500). Few things relate to this premium helmet quality. We can see the use of better material for the shell, more comfortable inner padding, outstanding paint quality and proven race track performance. This particular Arai SZ-Ram 4 Nakasuga is one of the beautiful livery that we can see in the SZ-Ram 4 lineup. It got that beautiful BIG eyes on the top of the visor and matching combination of red, white, yellow, black and silver colour all around the helmet. 


There is also the full face version of it based on the Arai Quantum J model. The livery are actually from MotoGP rider, Katsuyuki Nakasuga helmet. Katsuyuki Nakasuga was with Yamaha Austria Racing team in 2012 and the picture shows the livery with him wearing it for the race.


A helmet design that lives on is hard to be replicate its level of beauty and level of desirability. It lives on and luckily still able to be bought even at this time. Arai SZ-Ram 4 is priced at RM1,900.


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  1. Nakasuga is not a full time MotoGP rider actually. Ocassionally, he is the replacement rider or test rider for Yamaha Factory MotoGP. In 2011, he replaced Ben Spies at Malaysian MotoGP and at this recent Sepang Winter Test, he appeared as a test rider.

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