Malaysian Riders – homegrown motorcycle filmmaker at its best

No. Don’t click. This is just screenshot of Malaysian Riders YouTube video.

There is a void in Malaysian motorcycle video reviews that needs to be filled by someone who cares about the motorcycle arena here. Luckily, comes Malaysian Riders, which is a filmmaker for motorcycle. I have seen their video review work especially in the BMW HP4, which were great in videography and tells the story in real riders view. This could be the next best thing in motorcycle industry in Malaysia and you guys (and gals) should check them out. Maybe, sometime you can see some flaws in their video, but you should know they are on a very limited budget and what they have done is already great, imagine if they are given more time and budget to hone up their videography skills with better equipment, I guess they’ll just be one force to be reckon with. You can subscribe to their Youtube channel here. Here I embed one of their video about Kawasaki Z800 review, which you can watched it after the jump: 

They can also be find here:

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