2014 Yamaha YBR125 in Europe – easy-going reliable performance bike



Yamaha Europe has bring in this beautiful machine of YBR125 which suits the easy-going rider who prefer simple bike with high reliability and low maintainance. It follows the naked style that adds the ease of maintainance since the engine is easily accessible without the fairing.

2014-Yamaha-YBR125-EU-Midnight-Black-Studio-002The engine is 125cc 4-stroke, air-cooled SOHC forward-inclined single cylinder engine with 2-valve. Bore and stroke is measured at 54.0 mm x 54.0 mm that makes this engine a square engine that can give a balance of speed and torque. Compression ratio is at 10.0:1. At 7.5kW (10.0PS) / 7,800RPM, this engine is moderately powered for the engine of its size, but this is due to the design that keeps the reliability high. Torque is at 9.6Nm / 6,000RPM. 

2014-Yamaha-YBR125-EU-Red-Spirit-Static-001Even the engine looks traditional in terms of specs, but it still comes with the fuel injection system to makes it compliant with the EURO gas emission. Transmission is handled by 5-speed gearbox that should adds more fun in riding this beauty.

2014-Yamaha-YBR125-EU-Competition-White-Studio-006The chassis is the usual diamond shaped frame that is always lightweight and rigid. Rear suspension is monoshock, so you’ll get a great and stable feel. For the brake system, the front uses 245mm disc plate gripped by single-piston caliper and the rear uses 130mm drum braking, which I think is good enough for this bike size and power.

2014-Yamaha-YBR125-EU-Red-Spirit-Studio-001What’s more interesting about this bike is that it is equipped with large fuel tank that is 13 liter that should helps it to travel to a very long distance with fewer fuel station stops.

For Europe riders, all I can say is enjoy your ride.

via: http://www.yamaha-motor.eu/eu/products/motorcycles/roadster/ybr125.aspx?view=techspecs

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