1994 Yamaha TZM 150 – legendary 36PS machine



A legendary bike based on the outgoing TZR 250 that can churns out 36PS at 10,500RPM. This is powerful due the engine that is 2-stroker. It is liquid-cooled with 59.0mm x 54.0mm bore and stroke setup, that make that this engine is oversquare so that it can revs higher. The carburetor is 30mm from Mikuni 30SS for the engine to burn the fuel with 6.0:1 compression ratio. Enough to propel this bike up to 208km/h.

Yamaha TZR 250 SPR

Also equipped is the controversial YPVS mechanical electric valve control that can makes this engine delivers power more linear so that it is easier to control the bike’s output. Controversial because this valve needs to be change frequently and adds up to its maintenance cost.  

Comes with front and rear disc brake for that optimum braking. Monoshock rear swing arm adds the stability to take corners with confidence.

Reminds me the good old days of powerful bikes roaming in Malaysia with that superb design and livery to melts your heart as a rider.

via: http://dwinugros.wordpress.com/2011/05/25/yamaha-tzm-150-motor-eksotis-yang-hingga-kini-belum-tergantikan-oleh-produk-ymki-lainnya/


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