2013 Suzuki Recursion Concept – 588cc turbo parallel-twin engine


Suzuki revealed this beauty at the 43rd Tokyo Motorshow and makes us drooling for it. The concept named Recursion, comes with an unusual engine configuration for this time of the year that includes a forced induction. The engine is 588cc parallel-twin with intercooler turbo that should provides massive power from it.

There was many turbo bikes earlier like the Honda CX650 Turbo, but the idea does not last long and forgotten years after its introduction. The problem lies in the way turbo works, for car it is okay but for motorcycle, it is not as easy what we think. More power means more enjoyment, but this is not the case for motorcycle. Turbo works at certain RPM after the turbocharger gets enough inertia to force the air to the engine cylinder.  Suzuki-recursion-concept-001

Let say the turbo works after 3,500 RPM. This means that you’ll get a surge of power boost after the engine hits more than 3,500RPM. Now, imagine this; you are braking to take a corner and the RPM drops to 1,500 RPM, so now the turbocharger spins slow and didn’t provide the forced induction to the cylinder, after you exits the corner, you blip the throttle fast enough and the engine now rams from 1,500RPM to 5,000RPM. You’ll get a power shock when the engine hits 3,500RPM and that can snap the handle violently if you are not used to it. And this is one of the reason of why the turbo engine for motorcycle does not last long in the production.

To see that Suzuki comes with this turbo engine, I hope the effect of the power shock is minimised. If not, we can see it to stays as concept as it is now. Other than that, the higher cost of turbo engine production makes it a second choice when riders buying bikes.

Still, this is a good concept in my opinion and hope Suzuki comes out with a great engine to go with it.

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