KTM Race Competition RC200 based on the 200 Duke – RC125 also available


200_RC_Duke__front_reEICMA is today and there are many bikes to be revealed including this two from KTM, the Race Competition series. We already have heard about the KTM RC390 that has been leaked from KTM Canada, but now there are two more versions coming out, the KTM RC200 and KTM RC125. KTM RC200 is based from the KTM 200 Duke while the KTM RC125 is naturally based from the 125 Duke. If you notice, all these three bikes are actually siblings, since the 125 Duke is the inspiration for 200 Duke and 390 Duke is the more powerful version of the 200 Duke. The acronym RC has been used long time ago since the introduction of the KTM RC8 to refer to its track ability.  rc200_ktm

A full-fairing version of the KTM RC200 and RC125 should appeal younger riders and will be a great learning bike for the track. Since this is coming from KTM, we can expect to have a smooth and powerful single-cylinder engine.


The main difference that we can see on the bike is the use of the double headlight enclosed in distorted hexagon shape and windshield visor.


The chassis remains the lovable Trellis frame in iconic KTM orange. Handlebar are now much more projected for lower riding to cut the wind. The riding style of 200 Duke like motard will be different that this one that is more to sports track bike handling.


The exhaust port is on the bottom and exits on the right side and looking good in that triangle enclosure. A good question to ask is, is this the bike we are waiting for after the 200 Duke?

via: http://tmcblog.com/2013/10/28/ktm-rc-200-berbasis-duke-200-siap-dirilis/



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