Review: Shinko K3 iTrack Motorcycle Tyre – premium tyres at its best


Shinko K3 iTrack

I have riding with the Shinko K3 iTrack for some time now and I got to say that this one is definitely better than the stock tyre that I have before. K3 iTrack is designed in Seoul and made in Jeju, doesn’t that make you feel a bit K-pop? Hehe. After installing the tyre, the feeling of the ride is very different (in a good way, of course). The bike are vibrating less and the straight line stability is superb, it is almost better than what I remember when riding it as new bike. The size of the tyre that I’ve been using is 80/90-17 (stock size is 70/90-17) for the front and 100/70-17 for the rear (same as stock size). The tread pattern of this K3 iTrack is beautiful and designed like that for the balance of dry and wet riding. The groove on the center moves all the way to side and then placed with another tread block alternatingly for optimum grip on dry condition and having aqua channel enough for the wet condition riding.On the very side of the K3 iTrack, there is a triangle pattern for grips when taking extreme angle cornering. 

I have been riding with Shinko SR877 previously and the result were very satisfying. This K3 iTrack is the upgrade of the SR877, and Shinko has really make it a good one. The tyre feels very connected on the road and gives a great response of the grip. Never have I skidded with this K3 iTrack, but mind you, I’m not a speed demon. Cornering is always great with K3 iTrack, it grips and easily be controlled for lower bank angle.

Shinko is a new name for some of us, but they have been long in the business of making good tyres with affordable prices. This Shinko K3 iTrack is a premium tyre that we would like recommend to you all. We have been testing it for daily ride and we can say that this Shinko K3 iTrack is one of the premium tyre that perform at its best for the road (not on race track). Anyway, the price is not cheap. Check the price below:

100/70-17 MYR 192.31
110/70-17 MYR 215.39
130/70-17 MYR 238.46

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