2013 Honda VTR-F released in Japan – naked 250cc V-twin bike


The V in the VTR-F name refers to engine configuration of V-type. The V-twin 2-cylinder engine is much more powerful than the normal single-cylinder CBR250R whereby this one maxed out 30PS (29hp). This one also relates to the price that is higher at estimated 30% more than the CBR250R. 

The headlight follows the cues from the CBR250R, but now fitted with Trellis frame for that awesome naked look. The design look very unusual and not so conservative which is suitable for riders who dare to be different. Anyway, at some angle, this VTR-F looks alike the Ducati Monster M600 as featured in our blog before.

This is what riders what in terms of entry level bike, a small engine but with high performance configuration. The V-type engine is usually spared to 500 and above bikes and to see it trickles down to this 250cc is a good idea from idea in this era of downsizing and fuel-efficient design.

via: Visordown: http://www.visordown.com/motorcycle-news-new-bikes/vtr250f-launched-in-japan/22329.html


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