Cameleon Oiler – automatic chain oiler for your superbike now available in Malaysia



Cameleon is a new name to me, but catches my attention about the products they offer that is the Cameleon Oiler. This products works by automatically dispersing small amount chain lubricant (also by Cameleon) to the chain in specific amount of time. You can set the time depending on the temperature and condition you are riding whether snow, hot, rain and so on. For example, you can set the time to 3 minutes, so that the chain lubricant will dispersed at that amount of time given. 


The benefit of auto chain oiler is that you’ll have a longer lasting chain and sprocket set. Also, this can also give a little increase in power delivery since the chain are now properly lubricated so there are less friction and heat generated by the chain and sprocket. You’ll have a safer ride too since the drive chain is in good condition most of the time. Even though this Cameleon Oiler is designed specifically for the superbikes, I think you can also use it on the kapcai and moped. The price is not cheap though.


Now, ask yourself, when is the last time you oiled the chain of your bike?

BTW, the price is at RM670.

Cameleon Oiler is available at

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