The rise of Zulfahmi #63 and Hafiz #86 on Sepang MotoGP

It was an entertaining race yesterday. I was at K1 grandstand to watch the history in the making. The crowd was estatic when we got to see Zulfahmi leading the race after overtaking Jonas Folger, but in the last lap he was fighting with Sandro Cortese who takes the win in last few corner before the finish line. It was a good battle and all the of crowd were cheering and happy with the result. It was a very close fight, if not we just could see Zulfahmi as the winner of this Moto3 in Sepang.

Hafiz Syahrin who rides with number 86 was also a great rider to watch. He started at position number 27, and at that time, I thought he can only makes at best, only at position 15. But there I was wrong. He battle slowly by overtaking one by one rider starting in the first lap and all the way to the position number 1 in just few laps. The crowd again is cheering and doing the Mexican wave nicely. Everyone there is happy and I can see that in their face. To finish at position number 4 is a great thing and leading the race some time in the lap is a some thing to watch out to.

We wish all the best to Zulfahmi and Hafiz for the next race. Good luck!

PRIDE OF MALAYSIAN! by Ikhmal Yusoff.

The heroic acts by our two riders, Zulfahmi Khairuddin Moto3 and Hafizh Syahrin Abdullah in Moto2 could be the signal of Malaysian MotoGP future.  It is also paving the way to the other underbone a.k.a kapcai riders to be featured in the future.
The solid performances on home soil, the Sepang International Circuit were very pleasing.  All Malaysian stood up and cheered during the both race that featured the Malaysian riders.
Rain could be the adding factor for their prowess.  During the wet condition, Malaysian riders proved themselves better than any riders.  Although it was raining heavily, Malaysian supporters still stood up and sometimes made the Mexican waves.
Malaysia got its first pole position and first podium (Zulfahmi placed in 2nd) in any world championship, thanks to Zulfahmi Khairuddin.  Also credits to Hafizh Syahrin Abdullah for finishing fourth, a huge achievement for a wildcard rider.  A great day for Malaysian motorsports.  Salute for our National Heroes!

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