2013 Honda Zoomer X 110 – fuel-efficient tough scooter in Thailand launched

Riders in Thailand get to see this newly launched fuel-efficient tough scooter named Honda Zoomer X. Look closely to the picture above and you can see the upside down fork equipped front fork which is rather unusual for scooter for this category. The wheel are 12-inch with tubeless tyre for less hassle maintanance. 

Under the seat, there is unusual setup where you can put a box or remove it for long item hauling like a skateboard you have.

The scooter comes with 4-stroke 1-cylinder 110cc PGM-FI engine with Honda V-matic (CVT) transmission which is claimed to have a fuel-efficiency rating according to ECE-40 test at 53km/liter. That is very fuel saving.


The front brake are also unusual with 3-piston caliper from Nissin. This provide better braking with minimal force from the rider’s lever actuation.

As always, we are waiting this interesting bike to come to Malaysia, along with a good price. BTW, the price in Thailand is 51,000Baht or RM5,092 if converted to Malaysian Ringgit.

via: TMCBlog