2012 Suzuki Belang R150 Facelift – RM8,211 OTR


Suzuki Belang R150 has been given a new facelift in three colour choices. It is available in white, red and blue. All of the bikes features a ’99’ number on the side of the bike.  

Belang R150 is still one of the best bike available in 150cc 4-stroke category. It have front and rear disc brakes with rear monoshock suspension that provides better handling. The engine are also of the high-specced available in the market.

It got DOHC system, PAIR system, 6-speed manual hand clutch transmission. All this are packaged in a small lightweight beautiful machine.


via: Suzuki Malaysia

14 Replies to “2012 Suzuki Belang R150 Facelift – RM8,211 OTR”

  1. aleh, all the bikes in the msian market overpriced, man.
    just look at the ninja & cbr 250. under US$4K,
    lebih kurang dalam RM12k aje. tapi kite orang malaysia
    nak beli kena perah kau-kau — dalam 20k-22k. gaji dah lah
    developing world, tapi bila bayar, kena bayar double
    org2 kat first world. bukan main merapu punya sistem cukai mesia.
    mesia boleh kan?

  2. to mrozi

    please do you research first before talking about something.

    belang also have the oil cooling system, which is integrated with air cooling system. the engine oil is cooled first aided by the movement of airflow through the front cooling fins under the head of the bike. then, the eo will be directed to engine to reduce the heat
    this cooling system has been proven to be a lot better than liquid cooling system, which can be found on some moped on the market.

    compare its spec and price carefully with other bikes first before saying its overpriced. tq

        1. because the R-150 doesn’t need that.

          it’s waste of resources and substances.

          the combination of air cooling and oil cooling is more than enough for the bike to operate on long distance ride

          1. i don’t think liquid cooling a 135cc moped is needed, just add weight and waste money, and suzuki product are way cheap than yamaha’s and honda’s…… and the current market, 150 cc bike only left fz150i and belang, not much to choose from, just forget those cap ayam bikes… but i’m a fan of suzuki bikes but frankly i don’t like belang, it looks like honda hurricane , although its pretty, but it makes me looks like mat rempit…… and don’t forget its a twin cam monster, it can have 20.11bhp with a better carburettor, can on par with RXZ

  3. Nie mutor sukan bang,bukan motor jalan jalan. Jadi kene seringan boleh. liquid cool, tangki besar, semua tu buat berat motor jer. Takde orang tak beli civic type R utk jalan jauh pegi bangkok.

  4. mrozi without liquid coolent(water) you are correct… but without oil cooling system?? where you get this information? in this picture i can see the oil cooler paip =P u have this bike also? u get this and you can know why price for this bike like this… i think 135cc + water cooler + 5 speed + sohc = are really overprice for this specs only…



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