Momoto MM1 – The FP1 Reborn


Mr. Apeyjal of Creative Makeover just got a very special client in his shop. This is Momoto MM1 that is originally known as the Petronas FP1. The launching of this bike is due today 28th June 2012 at Sepang International Circuit. Bro Apeyjal will have his own track time with this MM1 and I guess he will just have a good time with it. I’m happy to know that this racing legend will come back again to our shore after all the story that went up about it being stored somewhere in UK. It is great to know somebody has taken the effort to bring this FP1 back in its full glory.  

Previously, the Petronas FP1 is specially made for homogolation  rule in World Superbike Racing series that requires a commercial bike with at least 150 units developed. This 899.5cc race bike officially has made to the list of the first Malaysian made superbike. It is made for Foggy Petronas racing, hence the name FP1. If I’m not mistaken, the price at the launch in 2003 is RM115,000. That is a lot of money for a performance bike.

There are two colour choices available for this Momoto MM1 that is black and the other one is white. Both of the colours are great for this bike, but in my humble opinion, the original Petronas green still looks good and unique. Based on my readings and sources, this MM1 might be available for sale to public soon. The price is not available at the moment. For what is worth, the legend is back!

via: Apeyjal Kacung FB

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