CFMOTO 650 – China made 650cc bike for RM26,800

This CFMOTO 650 bike has been found by Johari Mn in ads. It is made in China bike with 650cc displacement. The headlamp have a resemblance like the Suzuki B-King. The price for this 650cc at RM26,800 makes it very irresistable to not take it as a consideration when you are in the market for it. Some might say about the quality of the bikes made in China, but it seems that they are now getting better with the quality of it. But if you ask me, I prefer to get the ER-6n.  



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  1. Betul tuh, 80% barang kat dalam kebanyakan rumah kita sekarang buatan china. Riak la macam mana pon dengan handphone apple tuh, buat kat china gak. Beli TV sony mahal2 buat kat china gak. Bayar mahal mahal untuk BMW G650, buat kat china gak. . Nasib baik blackberry buat kat malaysia.

  2. the bike is using “ducati” ecu, and also “kyb” japan absorbers for front and back..
    a collaboration between europe and china.
    am sure this big will be selling well, since it is much cheaper than the japs.
    kalau nak cakap pasal mantenance and servis, tu semuanya standard.
    buatan china does not mean low quality. most branded products oso come from china too.
    but i prefer to wait for another superbike version from china, it is call… keeway benelli 600cc.


    hopefully they will be available here soon.

  3. not a bad bike, per se. The problem lies through the bike itself, since it’s very new in the Malaysian market. People here tend to focus more on the “brand” perception rather than “usability”.

    nevertheless giving it like 6 – 12 months in market and see how it fare.

    by the way please give more coverage on all kinds/types of bikes brand that were launched/introduced in malaysia, not just our typical “japan” brand and our “local” brand……..

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